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Scaling Businesses To 7-Figures By Adding 2+ Guaranteed Deals Per Month

Looking to boost your brand, convert more deals, and build a community of loyal clients?The best part is... If you don't get any new deals, we don't get paid.

Step 1: Watch the video below to see how it works:

Step 2: Schedule your B2B lead generation discovery call:

Using the exact method I’m going to show you here, we’ve booked hundreds of sales calls & demos with B2B decision makers in various industries.

For example, this is a campaign we ran for a B2B company. As you can see, we secured them 37 interested leads in less than a month, from a list of only 752 people, resulting in $444,000 in pipeline, 12 booked meetings, and 4 new clients:

My name’s Matt Szaton and I’ve been in the digital marketing world for more than 8 years.

In that time I’ve worked with countless B2B companies on their revenue operations, with a particular focus on messaging and lead generation.

Here are a few of the companies I've worked with:

Because of my background in sales, working with entrepreneurs like Chris Waller (KING COMM) and Ravi Abuvala, I guess you could say my “secret sauce” is creating messages that grab your prospects’ attention and get them taking action (a crucial part of successful outbound lead generation).

Here are some examples of the types of responses you can expect to receive when you do this right:


1. AI-driven prospect list building:

❌ Before, when you wanted to build a targeted prospect list, you would have to manually search for prospects through online directories and social media, or buy a shady list of leads.

✅ Now, you can use our expertise & simple AI-driven research tools to generate a highly targeted list of prospects based on industry, job title, company size, and purchase intent, without the time-consuming and potentially inaccurate data collection process. See how easy that is?

2. AI-driven segmentation & personalization

❌ Before, when you wanted to craft targeted outbound emails, you would have to send generic messages to prospects.

✅ Now, you can use our copywriting skills + AI-driven email personalization tools to customize content based on the prospect's industry, job title, geography, time of day/week/year, and avatar/company pain points without the low engagement rates and poor rapport-building.

3. Email automation and follow-ups

❌ Before, when you wanted to follow up with prospects, you would have to manually send follow-up emails.

✅ Now, you can use our strategies & email automation tools to schedule and send personalized follow-up sequences without the inconsistency, missed opportunities, and inefficiencies of manual follow-ups.

4. Real-time analytics and tracking

❌ Before, when you wanted to track and optimize your email campaigns, you would have to manually record metrics through spreadsheets.

✅ Now, you can use our analytics and tracking tools to measure and analyze campaign performance in real-time without the time-consuming and limited insights of manual tracking.

5. Centralized lead generation system

❌ Before, when you wanted to scale your lead generation process, you would have to rely on limited scalability due to manual processes.

✅ Now, you can leverage our team and a centralized platform to integrate all lead generation tools and processes, making it easy to scale and replicate success without the inability to grow your lead generation campaigns.

With all these powerful features, you're able to transform your outbound lead generation process into a streamlined, efficient, and scalable system that consistently delivers high-quality leads and booked sales calls, without the drawbacks of traditional methods.

Now, in the past, if you wanted to get this done using traditional marketing agencies or building an in-house team, it would cost you $20,000 per month or more in fees and salaries.

We are only a fraction of that investment.

Here's what you get when you work with us:

1. A comprehensive, optimized outbound lead generation system, fully built and managed for you. This typically incurs $15,000 in setup fees alone.

2. Access to our AI-powered prospecting tools and Ideas Client Persona Research (ICPR™) method, enabling us to compile an initial list of up to 10,000 ideal prospects. This holds a value of $3,800.

3. Proficient copywriting combined with AI-driven message generation, facilitating the swift and precise creation of highly tailored messages. This is assessed at a value of $4,500.

4. AI-driven scheduling and automation systems, ensuring messages are sent at optimal times and responses are managed efficiently, thus minimizing missed opportunities and maximizing sales potential. This feature is valued at $300 per month.

5. Expert support, response handling, appointment scheduling, and campaign management, leveraging our extensive experience and knowledge in B2B lead generation. This ensures your campaigns are optimized for success and holds a value of $6,000 per month.

Instead of paying more than $100,000 to achieve all this, we’re offering this incredible package to you for only a fraction of that price.

All you need to do from here is to book a call with us so we can learn more about your business and the types of clients you’re trying to attract.

Now we only take on a handful of clients each month so we can give every campaign the attention it deserves to get the type of results you've seen here, so make sure you lock in your spot while we still have availability.

As a token of appreciation for reaching the end, we have something extraordinary in store for you...

When you schedule a call with us and reference this offer, we'll provide a unique bonus: customized market research tailored to showcase the precise number of prospects within your specific target market. Additionally, we'll outline the strategy we'd employ to curate a high-quality prospect list. This exclusive offering grants you a head start on your lead generation initiatives, providing insight into the size of your potential target audience and the effectiveness of your targeted outbound campaigns.

Now you should also be aware:

We offer a performance guarantee...

If we take you on as a client, it means we are so sure we can get you the results we promise, that you don’t pay a cent if we don’t achieve the result.

So let’s summarise what we’re offering you here. You get:

  • A complete outbound lead generation system installed in your business

  • Expert copywriting and messaging done for you so your messages will resonate

  • Help and advice to set everything up and manage the system

  • Ideal Client Persona Research™ and smart list building so your messages are going to the right people

  • All our systems and processes, with the option of ongoing management of your outbound campaigns, so you can focus on running your business

  • A FREE custom market analysis just for attending your call with us

  • All commencing in as little as 14 days from sign on

This will allow you to book an additional 10-20 sales calls with warm prospects reliably every single month, enabling you to scale your business, adding at least $300,000 in revenue, without spending money on ads or relying on the old methods to generate leads.

All for a ridiculously low price compared to the traditional methods of achieving these results.

But we can only take on a handful of clients each month because of the highly custom nature of the system we create for you.

And if for some unlikely reason, we don’t get these results for you, you don’t pay.

All you need to do is book a call using the link below, and we look forward to speaking with you…


+$24,300, 30 days: "Within 30 days we've closed one deal which represents 4.5x ROI on what we've spent so far."

- Adam Hanin, Commerce12

+$40,000, 30 days: "I’m a fan of your services. Your conversion rate is higher than essentially what I’ve done in the past training my own staff. Whereas now our company just told you our target demographics, let you work your magic and we already made a deal in the first 30 days of working together." - Jon Belluomo, Trendzi Media

"I was generating more leads and appointments than I could handle" - Jake Tuimaualuga, ImmiVisa


+$40,000, 60 days

I’m a fan of your services. Your conversion rate is higher than essentially what I’ve done in the past training my own staff. Whereas now our company just told you our target demographics, let you work your magic and we already made a deal in the first 30 days of working together.

+$24,300, 30 days

Within 30 days we've closed one deal which represents 4.5x ROI on what we've spent so far.

+$20,000 MRR, 30 days

I was able to close 4 deals in 30 days and added over $20,000 in monthly revenue!

Clarity Since Day 1

Matt knows his craft. We only had a short conversation, but even during that, he was immediately able to pinpoint the bits that needed tweaking in my social strategy and what changes would make the biggest difference. Not only does Matt have a wealth of experience and knowledge, he also easily communicates it so you know what you have to do. I am very grateful.

+$10,000 MRR, 50 days

+$4,500, Phoneless


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